Mercadona to finally abandon plastic bags

Mercadona to finally abandon plastic bags
Mercadona to finally abandon plastic bags

Mercadona supermarket has said that it will finally replace all plastic bags in its stores with products made from paper, raffia and other reusable and recyclable bags ensuring a reduction of 3,000 tons of plastic are removed from the packaging in their stores.

The replacements will take place between February and April 2019 bringing to an end a process that began in 66 stores located in Valencia, Bizkaia, Barcelona, Cantabria, Illes Balears, Ceuta and Melilla, last year.

Customers will now be able to choose to pack their their daily purchases in either of the traditional raffia bag costing 50 cents, a paper bag of 10 cents, or a reusable and recyclable bag which contains between 50% and 70% of recycled plastic, also at a cost of 10 cents.

The move sees Mercadona reinforce its commitment to sustainability, a commitment that led it in 2011 to be the first company in its sector to introduce initiatives aimed at reducing the use of single-use plastic bags.

The replacement will begin this month in Catalonia, Madrid and Navarra, and will be extended to more than 1,600 stores by the middle of next April. Changes in the Valencian Community will take place during the month of March.


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