Guard beaten up at Pilar nursery

Guard beaten up at Pilar nursery
Guard beaten up at Pilar nursery

After a guard was beaten up and gassed at the Semilleros El Mirador nursery, close to Pilar de la Horadada, thieves were able to gain access to the office block by ripping the bars off a rear window.  The incident occurred at 9pm last Thursday evening just an hour before the security was scheduled to release a dozen German shepherds from kennels, which then guard the enclosure overnight.

Paco Triviño, one of the two partners of Semilleros El Mirador, whose imposing installations cover an area of ten kilometres between San Javier and Pilar de la Horadada, said that this is the 4th such robbery after three that occurred between 23 December and 10 January

He suspects that the assailants had information from a former employee or from someone close to the business as they seemed to be aware of the security arrangements, the site and the layout of the company buildings.

“They managed to get through into three safes but as they attempted to break into the fourth, where there was between 30,000 and 40,000 euros in clients’ notes, the alarm went off and they were forced to flee the site before they could force it open.”

The nursery complex is one of the largest facilities in the Region, with 150 employees and more than a hundred customers. A spokesman for the Guardia Civil sad that he thought “The assailants were clearly a group of professionals.”


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