Seven Silicon Valley Tech Startups That Are Likely To Succeed In 2019

Seven Silicon Valley Tech Startups That Are Likely To Succeed In 2019
Seven Silicon Valley Tech Startups That Are Likely To Succeed In 2019

Seven Silicon Valley tech startups are likely to succeed in 2019. They are Nurx, Shippo, Gladly, and Biome Makers. The other three are ImpactVision,, and Biomarker Labs. These startups are likely to succeed for a variety of reasons. For example, most of them have invested in niche markets. Others have developed unique solutions for problems in markets that blossom. Here are the seven Silicon Valley tech startups that are likely to succeed in 2019.

  1. Nurx

Edvard Engesaeth and Hans Gangeskar founded this company. They raised $41.4 million in equity funding. Nurx provides a user-friendly digital application to its clients. It is worth noting that it caters to female clients only. The application that it offers facilitates the easy access to birth control treatments for these women. For example, requesting an online prescription through this app is possible. The startup offers deliveries as well. This startup is likely to succeed because 62% of women who are capable of bearing children use birth control.

  1. Shippo

Simon Kreuz and Laura Behrens founded this startup. They raised $29.3 million in equity financing. As the name suggests, this company focuses on the shipping industry. It differentiates itself from other players in the industry by providing user-friendly shipping software. This software is a cloud-based one. Users can determine shipping rates, track packages, and print labels using it. Currently, it has 35,000 customers including logistic providers, marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, and retailers. It is likely to succeed because the US transportation industry is worth $700.4 billion, and Shippo is making inroads in this market.

  1. Gladly

Michael Wolfe, Joseph Ansanelli, and Dirk Kessler founded this startup. They raised $63 million in equity funding. Interestingly, this company started in 2015 under the name of Greylock Partners. It grew rapidly and today, it employs over 50 people. It still has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Gladly helps businesses create personalized experiences for their customers. It does that for companies that are in retail trade, hospitality, and finance. It helps travel agencies create these experiences as well. This startup does that by providing targeted solutions that build connections with their client’s customers.

  1. Biome Makers

Alberto Acedo and Adrian Ferrero founded this company. They raised $2.3 million in startup capital. Biome Makers has its headquarters in Silicon Valley, but the company will influence the lives of millions of people across the US. More specifically, this startup focuses on identifying and understanding microbiome. It uses a proprietary intelligence computing system and DNA sequencing to undertake this work. The identification and understanding of microbiome will lead to improved agricultural output. Biome Makers is likely to succeed because production from US farms accounts for 1% of the country’s GDP.

  1. ImpactVision

Gustav Nipe and Abi Ramanan founded this startup with an equity funding of $1.4 million. The company focuses on building a transparent and secure food system. The founders believe that the use of hyperspectral technology would help them achieve this objective. Hyper-spectral technology combines digital imaging with a chemical technique known as spectroscopy. Users of ImpactVision can take photos of their food through this app. The app will offer them nutritional information on the food in the picture. This revolutionary idea is likely to succeed because people are becoming more and more conscious of their health in today’s world.


Raja Ramachandran founded this company. His principal aim is to use blockchain technology to transform the digital food supply chain. This technology, combined with the Internet of Things, would help users learn about the quality of the food that they are eating. More specifically, they can determine its quality by examining its production. Farmers can use this application as well. Automating internal farming processes is one way that they can do that. Another one is gaining insights into the market that they serve.

  1. Biomarker Labs

Garrett Ruhland founded this startup. It provides its clients with data-driven access to nutritional supplements. It provides this access in real-time as well. More specifically, the company measures the user’s contextual information including symptoms and health metrics. Then it matches these measures with high-quality health supplements that would benefit the user. Gathering this data is an effortless process because smartphones and wearable electronics can gather it without much effort. Investing in startups that are similar to these ones is an excellent idea as is investing in the Forex market. For example, you can turn to Forex Metatrader 4 if you want to diversify your investment portfolio.


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