Torre mugged in a very one sided match

For the third game running Daya Leak Goals
For the third game running Daya Leak Goals

Daya Nueva 1 v. Torrevieja CF 1

The visitors started the better forcing Daya to defend deep into their own half.  For the first fifteen minutes the home side had managed to keep Torre at bay but for how much longer?  Attack after attack from Torre but wayward finishing was the only reason they were not a number of goals up by the twenty minute mark.  There were signs on thirty minutes of Daya coming more into the game but the visitors were a constant threat.  Daya’s Norberto went close following a free kick as the clock ticked towards half time. 

The goal that Torre had been threatening since the start came on forty two minutes and was certainly not against the run of play.  Daya can thank their lucky stars that it was just the one goal against at the break, as the finishing of their visitors had been quite appalling!!  Within minutes of the restart Kepe made a great save to keep it at 1-0 but surely more Torre goals were on the way. 

Daya were using long high balls for Franki and Co to run on to but at this stage it was not working.  On seventy seven minutes a free kick from Daya almost caused a major upset for the visitors but the fiercely struck shot flew just wide with the Torre keeper stranded.  Daya won two corners in quick succession, from one of these a great Daya header just missed its mark.  Could their yet be something in this game for the home side. 

More corners followed for Daya as the visitors were now having to defend with under ten minutes to play.  Norberto was causing havoc with these corners, could one of them lead to an equaliser?  The answer was yes as on eighty six minutes Lopez rose higher than anyone to head home a wonderful goal from yet another Norberto corner. 

There were anxious minutes for Daya to endure as five minutes of added time was played out with the visitors going tooth and nail for the winner.  It was not to be though as Daya held out for a 1-1 result. 

Just how the visitors had not won this game by many goals had to be seen to be believed.  Their finishing was some of the worst ever seen at La Puebla in the ten years I have been watching games there.  Man of the Match was all of them, with Norberto and Lopez just edging it.


Daya Davs

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