Mojácar´S “Aquelarre” Theatre Group Close Season

Mojácar´S “Aquelarre” Theatre Group Close Season

Mojácar’s own acting group, “Aquelarre”, has been charged with closing this year’s month-long theatre season, which has been organized by Mojácar Council and Almería’s Provincial Council with the aim of bringing this art form to towns across the  region. 

“Aquelarre” have chosen a play by the writer Neil Simón, “Un cadáver a Los Postres” to premiere to its Mojácar audience, bringing the highly anticipated series of theatrical events to a perfect end.  The plot of the play is set over a dinner, where the world’s best detectives are invited and then told that a murder will take place when the desserts are served.

The “Aquelarre” group follows Mojácar’s theatrical tradition which goes back many years ago to a time when the town had the first theatre in Almería province.  It is currently made up of 60 amateur actors and, is a full-fledged company with set and costume designers, make-up artists, lighting specialists and so on, all people from Mojácar working under the direction of Joaquín Sáez and Eliseo Martínez.

Despite having been formed a short time ago, the group have already performed six different plays throughout the province, including “Indalo”, an original work by one of the directors, Joaquín Sáez.

A non-profit organisation, all box office proceeds are ploughed into the purchase of  necessary items for the running of the group , although they do have additional support and collaboration from Mojácar Council.  Their performance on December 15th is part of Mojácar’s Christmas programme, but they also have a wide agenda of projects in mind, including a new play and short film, “El Cuadro”.

They also hang onto a dream which is an important part of their motivation and driving force and, that is to reopen the doors of a theatre in Mojácar and replicate the old, much loved Mojaquero theatre “Aquelarre”, built almost a century ago and whose name this new theatrical grouping have adopted.

Thankfully, photographs of the old theatre and shows still exist, revealing a love of drama full of nostalgic memories.  So many townspeople acted or helped in different ways with the sets, costumes and preparations as almost everyone wanted to join in at a time when there was little entertainment offered in the smaller municipalities.


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