Mayor José praises club and fans at ‘Monte’

Los Montesinos Mayor José Manuel Butron and CD Montesinos supporters club president Eddie Cagigao.

  • Andrew Atkinson speaks exclusively to Los Montesinos Mayor José Manuel Butron about the success of the 1st Regional Valencia Group 8 football team CD Montesinos.

LOS Montesinos Mayor José Manuel Butron has hailed the current status of 1st Regional Valencia Group 8 football club CD Montesinos heading into the New Year.

“I am very happy for the support – from those who work hard at the club – and the supporters,” Mayor Butron told me.

CD Montesinos have grown in status, as a club, and in support in recent years, with promotion gained to the 1st Regional.

“It was a proud achievement for the town of Los Montesinos to achieve promotion,” said Mayor Butron.

CD Montesinos are in their second season in the 1st Regional, having gained a much awaited promotion under former manager Carlos Perez.

Perez was sacked in November, after a poor run of results this season, with club President Felipe Parades and committee members appointing former player and youth team coach Ruben as boss.

Mayor José praises club and fans at ‘Monte’

Mayor José Manuel Butron also praised the club, especially the ‘Full Monte’ supporters, for their annual Christmas charity day on behalf of the town’s food bank for the needy.

“It is the fifth year that the club has kindly donated much needed items of food for the food bank,” said Mayor Butron.

“Especially so at Christmas time – it helps people who don’t have the resources,” said Mayor Butron.

Mayor Butron was at the forefront, along with the sports councillor, in talks with CD Montesinos to help finance upgrades to the Municipal stadium in 2017.

A new four tier stand has been constructed, along with new players’ changing room facilities, as part of a 110,000 euros redevelopment.

CD Montesinos supporter’s club president Eddie Cagigao has praised the Los Montesinos Town Hall for the funding and interest shown in the club.

“We have grown as a club in the last few years, with a new stand, thanks to the Town Council,” Eddie told me.

“We thank and say ‘well done’ to the Mayor José Manuel Butron,” said Eddie.

CD Montesinos are to benefit from a new playing surface along with a supporters club facility.

“It is good news that the Town Council are helping financially with the construction of a supporter’s club facility within the ground,” said Eddie.

“All the work undertaken at the club has only come to fruition with the full support of the Town Council who have found the finances, along with the willingness to support the club”, said Eddie.

CD Montesinos have around 400 members in the Full Monte supporters club: “That support has helped us when we have held talks with the Town Council.

“We have massive support, along with a new committee. And, along with thanking Mayor José Butron and the Town Hall, I place on record a big ‘thank you’ to all concerned,” said Eddie.