Want to make your holidays more special? Book a luxurious Corfu rental

Book a luxurious Corfu rental

If you have become bore with your regular life and routine, then its right time to plan a family vacation with lot of adventure and fun. Innumerable places are there all around the globe where you can visit, but if you are planning to visit somewhere in Greece then nothing can be better than Corfu Island.

It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful island of Greece and can offer you a great and lifelong experience with its well furnished Corfu rentals properties. There are so many things to do in Corfu island and one of the main thing is you never know what Corfu can offer you anywhere and at anytime.

There are loads and loads of things which you need to finalize before travelling to that place and one of them is looking for a great place to live in. But, when you are travelling to Corfu Island you need not to worry about anything. This is because Corfu can offer numerous options to live in, right starting from ski resorts to large villas, basic resorts to condos, apartments, single villas and much more.

Among all these options you can select anything that suits you. Large villas of Corfu can accommodate dozen of family members and even additional persons as well. The price of the villas and resorts may vary from one to another but this is completely upto your budget. You can even have villa under $2000 and it can also get higher if you want something lavishing and luxurious. This can in fact cost you somewhere around $5000 to $6000 for per night stay.

Rental properties at Corfu are really worth investing in not only because they add a luxurious feel to your vacations but offer bundle of services also that you are not going to forget throughout life.

These services are something you even want to enjoy rest of your life time. Some of these services include well maintained dining area, gym, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, heating system, steam room, large bedrooms with large beds, PlayStation console, espresso machine, digital lighting system and much more.

The services do not end here only, as some of the outdoor services also include wet bar, swimming pool, boat dock, hot tub, parking, garden lounge, private jetty, alfresco dining, terrace, barbeque and much more.

One of the greatest things that make Corfu rental properties so special is its location. Most of them are located at central place from where you can easily visit famous attraction of Corfu, Greece. Not only this, some villas, resorts and other rentals offer service like linen change, daily housekeeping and even cook as well.

No trip is complete without trying the traditional food of the place you visited. So, Corfu Island can also offer some of the best dishes at best and elegant places. Most of the restaurants in Corfu town operate throughout the year not only at countryside but at coastal area as well.

Keep in mind that, the timings can differ especially in winter and some of them operate from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon only because these are peak days. In some of the Greek restaurants you will observe that they don’t serve starters, as both starters and main dishes arrive together at the same time so that it can be shared and passed to each other.

In fact, many will even ask if you want bread or not for which you will need to pay. Overall, you will have a new dining experience that one always will cherish their life.

Along with visiting resorts and beachside villas, there are some other things that you must add in to do bucket list. Well here are few ideas that you must consider renting a boat, visiting Corfu town, going for an olive oil tour, learning about honey production and bees, sipping cocktails, visiting monastery, swimming, mountain biking, enjoying decent meal and much more.

One of the best thing that you will enjoy if visiting Corfu is having rental property is not so daunting. But, at the same time due to availability of so many options things become bit difficult because all the rentals are breathtaking and at that time choosing one become deadly tough. Most of the rental properties at Corfu island offer fully equipped kitchen and high security services with guards.

The kitchen will have everything that you need for cooking. While on other hand, the security system will work 24*7 hours which means if you are having something valuable in your luggage then there is no need to worry about.

Corfu is a place for number of historical places and museums, soyou must visit these famous places. Achilleion palace is one which is basically a royal home built for Austrians, but now it is open for commoners and believe this place is really gorgeous. Drastis Cape is yet another place which you cannot afford to miss, it look really good in summers and is loacted in most northerly part of Corfu.

Not only this, your trip will not be considered complete until and unless you will visit Kerkira which is old town of Corfu. Some other places which you must plan for are Gorge, Vlacherna Monastery, St. George’s church, Canal D Amour, Logas Beach, Porto Timoni, Palaiokatritsa and many more.

Along with all these, many other things are there to do in island of Corfu, Greece. But, before you get down atGreek airport make sure that you have booked a good rental property to enjoy.


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