Daya made Cox look better than they are

For the third game running Daya Leak Goals
For the third game running Daya Leak Goals

Cox 4 v. Daya Nueva 1

Visited third place Cox this evening so a hard game was expected.  The home side came at Daya from the first whistle and even at this early stage if looked like it could be a very physical game.  Daya had to fend off a number of attacks and at this early stage and were certainly second best. 

On six minutes the visitors won a free kick in a handy position, the ball was fiercely struck but came back off a defender, Daya’s Ivan was first to the ball and his long range shot beat everyone to put the visitors 1-0 up.  It was now a very very physical match with tackles flying in and tempers flaring up, it would be a miracle if all twenty two players would be on the  field at the final whistle !  Cox set about leveling the scores but Daya were equal to whatever was thrown at them. 

On twenty five minutes a mistake by Norberto in Daya’s back four let in a Cox player but his powerful strike flew just wide.  Daya were now well and truly up against it, conceding a number of corners but somehow kept their goal intact, but for how much longer.  More corners followed for the home side but thankfully still no goals.  How long though could Daya hold out with the constant battering they were taking.  So it was a relieved Daya that reached the half way point still one goal to the good, but Cox would be wondering just how! 

Just two minutes into the second half the scores were level when Daya were caught flat footed in defence and gave away a sloppy goal.  How would the visitors react to this set back, they needed to get into the game and quickly.  On fifty six minutes a great chance fell to Marcos but the Daya forward blasted his shot wide,  at least the visitors had created a chance though. 

Still it looked the more likely to be Cox scoring next as they continued to push forward.  On sixty five minutes the home side scored their second with a great header from a free kick.  Cox now sensed more goals were there for the taking as attack after attack kept Daya pinned in their own half. 

On seventy four minutes a very harsh penalty was awarded against the visitors, it was converted with ease giving the home side almost certainly the three points.  Daya did have a chance to pull one back on seventy eight minutes but the finish was poor.  Daya’s Kepe made a good save to keep it at 3-1 following another good attack by Cox on eighty five minutes. 

Daya did finish with a bit of a flourish but it was too little too late.  With the final whistle about to go Kepe came for a high ball but dropped it at the feet of an opponent who could not fail to miss from a couple if metres out.  So 4-1 final score with Daya’s defence gifting Cox three of the four goals.  So back to the drawing board for the visitors.  There were plenty of yellow cards but no reds.

Daya Dave, Team Sponsor:  Segurlab