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Spain and Germany Working in Collaboration On European Project

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You can also get information about the collaboration of Spain and Germany for the European project through this Essays online. Other than essays the leader news is also much helpful to take updates and information about different matters. There are complete details mentioned in this essay regarding the European project and working experience and collaboration of Spain and Germany.

There was a Bilateral meeting that was held in Berlin with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, the President of Government, Mariano Rajoy, mentioned and highlighted the unquestionable commitment of both countries to Europe. In addition to highlighting the relationships, Mariano Rajoy also invited Angela Merkel to visit Spain in the first quarter of 2017.

At the end of the meeting there was a press conference in which Mariano Rajoy addressed and highlighted the good terms and relationships between Spain and Germany. He stated the wonderful state of relations between Spain and Germany, the country with whom we have extremely good experiences that we have shared with them and also have overcome difficulties with their help. Angela also has given positive comments regarding the collaboration and relationship. She stressed the importance of trade relations with Spain and the very positive path this relationship is taking.

In the press conference, the President of the Government also delivered his comments. He said that two of the bets Governments are working with determination to make the European project successful. He further said that we will give more importance and priorities the real problems that the citizens are facing here.

Furthermore, we will also defend the values of citizens like tolerance, solidarity and the ideals which have made Europe a benchmark throughout the world for peace and progress. So we will keep on managing all the issues and problems so that citizens will live peaceful here and also gets success in every field.

Meeting Between European Leaders and the United States        

This meeting was organized by the German Chancellor Merkel in Berlin. Mariano Rajoy thanked him for organizing that interactive and yielding meeting for making relations strong.

This meeting was held among five great partners and allies of the country. Attendants of the meeting include the Heads of State and Government of Germany, Angela Merkel of France, Francois Hollande of Great Britain, Theresa May of Italy, Matteo Renzi and also Barack Obama from the United States. They all have followed that meeting and find overarching relevance placed on transatlantic relations. 

The President of the Government explained further that at this bilateral meeting with Angela Merkel they have discussed so many political issues in detail as well. The issues include the fight against DAESH which is the most important and necessary thing to discuss and Governments also need to cater them first.

Other than DAESH the issues that are discussed were the situation in Ukraine, relations with Russia and migratory and refugee crisis. As attending the refugees is important as the management of your Government is seen here that how you will tackle difficult situations.

As regards Syria, six leaders have expressed their deep concerns and feelings on the humanitarian crisis, specifically in Aleppo. They said that we recapitulate the need for a ceasefire that will last longer or we can say the complete ceasefire forever. This ceasefire will guarantee unrestricted humanitarian access and also resume negotiation. This negotiation may lead to making political solution under the auspices of the United Nations.

In relation to Iraq, European leaders and the President of the United States analyzed the progress made in the offensive on Mosul. Mariano Rajoy said that we should remain prepared for any upcoming conflict situation. As a sudden conflict situation can lead to mishandling and collapsing of the system.

Furthermore, he said that we also need to be prepared earlier for stabilization and subsequent rebuilding of cities for people who are displaced. As providing proper shelters and stabilizing them you can make your citizens trust your Government that is necessary to run political issues effectively.

In regards to Libya, Mariano Rajoy said that everyone agrees on the need to step up their support for Government of National Accord and also for the efforts of Special Representative of the United Nations. In relation to Ukraine, leaders have recapitulated their rejection of illegal annexing of Crimea. They said that we have underlined the need to comply with Minsk Accords including a genuine ceasefire and for elections to be held in certain areas.

Refugee Crisis

On the request of German Chancellor Mariano Rajoy  gave an introductory speech on issues of asylum and immigration. The President of Government outlined the experience of Spain with West African countries. Moreover, he said that this is the key to make relationships with other countries and also making different agreements. This helps in establishing legal channels for emigration and cooperate with them to help them make their standards better. Additionally, the citizens should also not feel scared or forced to risk their lives by leaving their country.

Future of the European Project

While talking about Germany’s role in the European project the President of the Government highlighted the importance of stability of the country. As this country has the largest Gross Domestic Product, population and per capita income in the EU and is the largest exporter. Mariano Rajoy also said that it would be interesting and desirable to see a number of countries in Europe moving in the same direction.

In his view, the largest and foremost serious problem that the continent is facing is the proliferation of sui generis. The political forces that have generated negative press for its citizens. While talking about security and defense matters the Spanish Government declared himself to be in favor of stepping up between all the members of the EU. This is also compatible with the membership of NATO.

He also said that in regard to NATO Spain has certain budgetary commitments that are our intention to meet.           


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