Local Police rescue swimmer in Campoamor

Local Police rescue swimmer in Campoamor

Local Police Officers were called to Campoamor beach on Sunday afternoon where a 44 year old man from Molina de Segura (Murcia) was fighting against strong currents as he struggled to get back to the shore.

They were quickly on the scene to find the man, who was in obvious difficulty, shouting for help about a hundred meters into the sea.

 Both officers quickly removed their uniforms and swam to the man by which time he was unconscious and floating face down.

Working together they managed to get him back to the beach where they were able to revive him by applying CPR

The bather was transferred to Torrevieja Hospital where he made a complete recovery. On Monday the bather, a visitor to the area, was able to visit the Orihuela Costa Police Office where he thanked the two officers for their prompt action in saving his life.



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