British Consulate Presentations in November


The British Consulate in Alicante is organising a number of events in November and early December to give British nationals information about living in Spain and any up to date information about Brexit, if they know anything further by that stage.

Sarah-Jane Morris, the British Consul, will give a short talk about what she knows about Brexit and the different information that is available.

Thereafter there will be a number of tables for people to visit and ask specific individual questions, for example:

  • How to register on the padron – someone from the town hall will be there to explain how it works in that town
  • How to get an appointment to get a residency certificate
  • Access to healthcare – someone from the healthcare team to answer questions or doubts about how to register
  • Driving licences and driving in Spain – someone from Guardia Civil trafico will be there to answer any driving in Spain related questions

The events and times are:

Consulate Presentations in November


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