Benejúzar Fined 15,000 euros for releasing young bulls

Benejúzar Fined 15,000 euros for releasing young bulls

The mayor of Benejúzar, Antonio Bernabé, has said that the fine of 15,000 euros is completely “disproportionate to the seriousness of the offence” following the release of young bulls on May 19, on the occasion of the local patron saint festivities. The bullfighting company responsible for the event has also been sanctioned with the same amount.

He described it as “unfounded, unjust and disproportionate” and has said that it will be appealed to the Contentious Court since “we think it is legally untenable and lacking in any logic”.

According to Bernabé the fine is based on the fact that, during the release of the young bulls into the bullfighting area, seven people dressed as bullfighters jumped into the ring and taunted the animals. He said that they shouldn’t have had access to the bullfighting ring so the council is not responsible for their actions.

But he added that there was no cruelty and the whole event was carried out in good humour with no one, nor any animal, being hurt and in so doing produced “a veterinary certificate to that effect.”


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