More homes to be regularized in Cantoria

More homes to be regularized in Cantoria

More homes in the town of Cantoria can now be regularised as the town hall responds to pressure from the Partido Popular in opposition and from the homeowner’s group AUAN to add El Faz to the list of areas it proposes to remove from the town plan. This move will enable property owners in El Faz to apply for an AFO, a document that will allow many to finally obtain title deeds for their homes after more than a decade of uncertainty. 

The town hall indicated its intention to remove the areas of Media Legua and Los Garcias from the plan in August via the publication of a modification to its outline plan or Avance. This led to a formal objection from the Partido Popular councillors who insisted that El Faz should be given equal treatment and not condemn the residents of this area to “an uncertain future for many years”.

AUAN´s president Maura Hillen said “We are very pleased with this development. It is the only sensible option for town halls wishing to see their residents obtain paperwork in their lifetimes. That is to say, take the houses off the plan, let residents resolve their legal difficulties using an AFO, and then put them back on again, if it makes sense to do so.  Of course, it would make even more sense if one could apply for an AFO whilst the planning process is ongoing but the government of Susana Diaz (PSOE) appears to have missed this point as parliament rejected our proposals to allow this only last week”. 


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