Horadada apology for woman thrown out of municipal pool

Horadada apology for woman thrown out of municipal pool

The councillor for sport in Pilar de la Horadada, Antonio Escudero, has sent a WhatsApp to Gemma Rodríguez, the lady thrown out of the municipal pool last week for wearing swimming suit bottoms that were more akin to men’s shorts.  He said that he has told his staff that they must in future allow this type of bikini.

The costume that caused the confrontation

Escudero said that she was told that she couldn’t swim in clothing other than bikinis or swimsuits because they recently had “many problems with people trying to bathe in clothes”. “When in doubt, we have always left the decision to the staff who decided not to allow her into the water, but from now on this type of swimwear will be able to be used”.

When expelled from the pool Rodríguez denounced the staff and the incident in a Facebook post in which she pointed out that it was something that had previously “happened to many women in the municipal pool”.

The complainant said that although the councillor had sent her a WhatsApp message in which he apologised “at no time has an official apology been received from the City Council.”

“I demand an official apology for me, for my daughter and for all the women that this has happened to, and of course, the dismissal of the lifeguard, who was anything but kind,” said the woman. “I was in the pool with my daughter when the lifeguard came and told me to leave. He said that I could not be in the water wearing street pants, he also told me in a very arrogant way,” she recalled.

She has also filed the complaint with the Civil Guard in San Javier in order to prevent “no woman being treated like that again.”


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