Half a ton of plastics removed from Torrevieja waters

Half a ton of plastics removed from Torrevieja waters

“How can we be so dirty?”. That is the question that was asked on Thursday by the head of the Maritime Unit of Torrevieja’s Local Police, Adolfo Rodríguez, who said that so far this summer his officers have collected almost half a ton of plastics from the town’s waters, between the beachs of La Mata and Punta Prima.

Last year the members of the patrol began their voluntary work of collecting rubbish from the sea and last week they made an appeal to holidaymakers and residents about the importance of taking care of the environment.

Rodríguez said that they had the idea last summer when two of the agents met a French couple who voluntarily collected plastics. Since then they decided to get involved in the task themselves since which time they have already gathered a ton of this type of rubbish.

So far this summer they have removed 375 plastic bags; 228 bottles, cans and glasses; 7 drums; 4 fishing nets; 26 pieces of rope and tubing; 81 pieces of greenhouse plastic … and much, much more. And the rubbish doesn’t only affect the image of the sea. “Last year we rescued a wounded gull that was trapped in plastic,” the agent said.

In making his appeal to the public Adolfo Rodríguez appeared alongside his colleague Jerónimo Manzanaro and the councillor of the Environment, Fanny Serrano, to explain their work and ask people to be more conscious of the damage done to the environment by rubbish and if they see plastics they remove it because “it is something that affects everyone”.


  1. Come on Dive Centres! When I was an instructor in Tenerife, we had regular Beach Cleanup days sponsored by local businesses. We always removed at least a ton of crap from the sea and were proud to do something to help the vulnerable creatures who’s environment is constantly trashed by humans!!
    So, all local dive centres, get one organised. You have your first volunteer here!


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