NFL Betting: A Beginner’s Guide to the Most Common Types of Bets

If you understand American football and follow it ardently, you have the hard part covered already

The National Football League is the biggest sporting event in the US, with the number of people watching the Super Bowl crossing the 100 million mark easily this year. As it is with any popular sporting event, betting on the NFL in the UK is quite common and when done right, the gamble may pay off generously as well. However, that’s only true if you know what you are doing. In case you are new to NFL betting or have never really done it before, here are a few basic tips that should help you get better acquainted.
Money Line
Money line is the simplest and the most straightforward form of betting in NFL, because all you need to do in order to win is bet on the winning team. The margin or other details of the game are not as important in money line bets as the result of the game itself. The betting and the winning amount, however, will vary depending on who’s the more likely to win and who’s the underdog. Needless, to say, you will always stand to win more money by betting on the team with the best points, which in this case is the team less likely to win.
Sometimes, when the difference in skill or performance level is very high in between the two playing teams for an upcoming match, a handicap bet is offered by popular bookmakers like Toals. Termed as “The Spread,” It is supposed to make the competition somewhat even by posing handicaps on the favourite team. For example, the people betting on the underdog will win, even if their team loses, as long as it’s by a relatively short margin (the handicap will be pre-decided of course). On the other hand, the people betting on the favourite team will only win if their team wins by the pre-allocated point difference or more. The favourite team’s points in an NFL match will always be preceded by a ‘-‘ sign, while the weaker team will carry a ‘+’ sign before its point total.
Totals or Over/Under
If you play a totals bet, also known as over/under, then the result of the game doesn’t matter. The bookmaker will set a score that will be estimated and calculated by adding the predicted points of both teams and the betting parties will have to decide whether the actual score at the end of the game will be over or under that projected total. Totals is another great bet to place for beginners as getting lucky is very much possible here.
Of course, this is just an introduction to NFL betting as there is definitely a lot more to learn. Nevertheless, if you actually understand American football and follow it ardently, you have the hard part covered already. Not that understanding and following the sport is a guaranteed method of winning all the time, but it most certainly increases the chances in any sport.


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