Mojácar´s young football team reach the top ten in the Levante cup

Mojácar´s young football team reach the top ten in the levante cup

The junior category in this year´s national football Levante Cup was recently held in Mojácar, which saw 32 teams from all over Spain taking part, including 8 second teams from the first division.

For the first time, the young Mojácar team managed to go through to the last 16, showing good form backed with plenty of enthusiasm, with two well deserved victories, but their defeat against first division finalists Deportivo de la Coruña put an end to the Mojaquero team’s prospects.

The Mojácar players ended up in ninth place, a measure of their solid work and the great progress they are making, especially up against the best teams at national level.  It was also a fantastic experience for all these youngsters, giving them a motivational boost to keep up their training and be a part of the pool of local players that will undoubtedly go on to give hours of sporting pleasure to football fans in the future.




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