Maintenance work on del castillo de Orihuela

Maintenance work on del castillo de Orihuela

The council’s Heritage department has been removing the graffiti from the Castle of the Moors of Orihuela and will soon introduce partial lighting of the towers

The councillor of Historical Heritage, Rafael Almagro, said that graffiti has been removed in 13 areas, mostly in the citadel (the highest part of the building), la balsa del albacar, one of its towers, and also next to la “Puerta de la Traición,” the “Traitors Door”.

Unfortunately the graffiti is a regular problem which is caused by vandalism. The councillor said  “these types of acts are attacks on our heritage cultural, which will be penalised with heavy fines”.

The repairs are being carried out by the restorer Maite Gilabert and her team, which, given the inaccessibility of many of the areas, uses a physical-chemical cleaning method. The substances are neutralized, so that they do not continue to damage the architectural support.

It is expected that the works, which have a budget of approximately 6,015 euros will conclude this week.

“Once the graffiti has been removed we plan to install partial lighting of the castle, probably starting with the towers,” the councillor added.


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