Rojales PP call for councillor’s resignation

Perez and Cañizares

The Partido Popular in Rojales has called for the resignation of the councillor for the Environment, Tatiana Cañizares, following a lack of emptying of recycling bins and their cleaning by the town council.

They say that there is an unacceptable backlog in the urban area and in many urbanisations where unhealthy conditions are being created due to the proximity of these containers to children’s areas.

The PP blames the situation on the management of the government team in this matter, in particular the councillor for the Environment, Tatiana Cañizares, who’s resignation they are now demanding.

In a statement issued by the PP last weekend they state that at the very least they want the mayor, Antonio Perez, to withdraw her powers “for her constant and continued neglect during these 3 years of legislature in terms of the collection of solid urban waste and recycling.”

They say that they consider that Cañizares “is not ready for the position and that she is not capable to hold down such an important responsibility that impacts massively of the municipality’s entire population”.

Rojales PP call for councillor’s resignation

PP councillor Alejandro Bernabé explained that “we asked for the resignation of Mrs. Cañizares for her continued neglect during the last 3 years, since it is extremely rare at the council plenary sessions that we do not have to complain about the cleaning of waste and recycling containers, as a result of the barrage of neighbourhood complaints that we and the city council receive.”

Bernabé says “it is a total nonsense that she has the audacity to carry out recycling campaigns in which she claims to be raising when, what is actually being done is very different”.

The PP has repeatedly asked for the introduction of more containers, planned and regular collection and controlled cleaning of the containers but, he says, ‘none of this has been fulfilled’. “I would be embarrassed to ask the residents of Rojales to recycle more when we don’t even have a decent collection service in the first place,” the PP councillor concluded.


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