Campoverde Open Garden Day 2018


The annual Campoverde Open Garden Day will take place on Saturday 26th May, when you will have the opportunity to visit some of the interesting gardens in the village of Pinar de Campoverde. Each year local residents open their gardens for one day to allow other people to visit, view their garden and enjoy a good day out.

Now in its third year, the event has welcomed hundreds of visitors to view a variety of different gardens.

This year all the gardens will be open from 11am until 4pm to give you the opportunity to visit them all in one day. Refreshments will be available in all the gardens and it is all free; all we ask is that you make a small donation to Campoverde Church. Each of the gardens will be displaying a “Garden Open” Poster outside so they will be easy to find, and all having street parking near by.

The gardens are various sizes from very large to small but we are sure you will find something of interest in each of them to give you ideas for your own garden. So it doesn’t matter if you are a keen gardener or just like pottering around, get out there and have a look. All of the garden owners will be happy to answer questions and give tips and advice on how they developed their garden, and will welcome any advice or tips from you.


8 Calle Nispero: A large garden with a variety of different views and planted areas. Pat and Geoff, the gardeners, are well known local artists and this is reflected in all aspects of their garden. Planting is mainly succulents, cacti and ornamentals with many plants in pots and grouped settings. A wild wooded area provides a backdrop to the garden and extensive potting benches provide a technical area. Refreshments will be available.

5 Calle Enebro: A large garden that has excellent borders with mixed planting. The gardeners, John and Jill, have developed a stunning wall display of geraniums which has all the hallmarks of Andalusian courtyards – definitely something you will want to copy. An unusual feature of this garden is a small valley at the rear which has been expertly utilised to provide a secluded spot for contemplation and includes a small seating area. Refreshments will be available.

80 Avenida Especias: A quirky garden that has been created by the gardener, Avril, with love and laughter in mind. There are a range of mixed borders both front and rear set mainly in tiled areas but the most interesting aspect of this garden is the range of gnomes and garden figures which have been placed throughout the garden. This is a joyful small garden which will bring a smile to your face. Refreshments will be available.

1 Calle Peral: A large garden of over 3,000 sq metres with lawns, stoned areas, and various types of planting including annuals, succulents, cacti and roses including a range of climbing roses over arches. There is a range of fruit trees and a large area of naturalised wood to the rear which includes a log cabin. The potting, compost and technical areas are mainly the hiding place of James the gardener whilst Maggie, the assistant gardener, hunts him down waving yet another huge water bill. Refreshments will be available.

21 Calle Madrono: A small garden with an interesting array of planting that including: small and large trees, a lovely fruiting banana along with other fruits such as Fig, Blackberry, Mandarin and Kumquat. Everything is offset by well planted borders that Jackie and Alan garden between them. Refreshments will be available.

84 Mimosa: This is a large garden in the process of being developed by Mel the gardener and her two small daughters. There is creative force in this garden which includes a sunken bath, a long cliff like earth bank which Mel plans to plant with climbers. At the end of the garden is a rising mound which the children assure me contains; Bears, Tigers and Lions. There is also a Rabbit, Guinea Pig and I think a Parrot! The eventual finished article will be an unconventional but stylish display. Refreshments will be available.

5 Call Bambu: This is a must visit medium sized garden that has been well designed by Margarita and David the gardeners. Besides the lawn, well planted borders and water feature, the stunning part of this garden is the large scale model train set that runs throughout and is integrated into every aspect of the garden. The garden design includes a fully functioning station, tunnel, a variety of engines (all with sound effects), lighting and lots of train track. Refreshments will be available. All aboard.

If you would like more information about Campoverde Open Garden Day, or any of the gardens in particular, then contact James McAllister tel: 966 76 2264, email: