Beach improvements at Punta Prima Promenade

Beach improvements at Punta Prima Promenade

The Municipal Department of Beaches, which is headed by the city councillor Luisa Boné, has carried out the refurbishment of the viewpoint on the promenade of Punta Prima.

The viewpoint on the seafront was in a very bad condition. The sidewalk was very damaged with numerous loose stone slabs and the pergola had only half of the prefabricated beams, as they deteriorated steadily due to years of wear and tear. The balustrade had numerous broken sections.

The city councillor said that “We from the Municipal Department of Beaches felt it necessary to renovate this viewpoint, because it was possible to turn it into one of the most beautiful enclaves of our coast, where we can sit down and enjoy the wonderful view.”

“The work consisted of the demolition, the preparation of the soil and the construction of a 24-metre-long and 4-metre-wide pergola made of white wood, whose cover consists of planks which are separated from each other and thus allow for shadow effects,” said the city councillor.

The city councillor added that the beams and planks along the pergola were placed in such a way as to create the optical effect of a wave, optimal for the enclave in which the pergola is located. And a railing was installed with the same planks with which the pergola was built. The stone floor was replaced by a wooden grey floor that corresponds to the colour of the pillars.

Four grey wooden benches in a modern style complete the viewpoint and give it an aesthetic that we wanted to have, “informed the city Councillor Boné.

The city councillor for beaches has pointed out that the cost of renewing the viewpoint of Punta Prima is equivalent to an investment of €37,458 including VAT and that in this way the Municipal Department of Beaches will slowly improve all the facilities that are located on the beach or in the immediate vicinity.


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