Free Benefit Assistance offered by Local Charities advises Care Group

Free Benefit Assistance offered by Local Charities advises Care Group
Free Benefit Assistance offered by Local Charities advises Care Group

Founded by HELP Vega Baja, the CARE Group of Torrevieja brings together charities and other organisations such as social services within the Vega Baja area. Meeting regularly, the aim of the group is to work together for the benefit of those in the community that may need support. 

Today, Welfare Officers and Social Workers are holding a training day to exchange knowledge on exportable benefits from the UK, such as Attendance Allowance and the Spanish Ley de Dependencia.

Chair of the CARE group and President of HELP Vega Baja, Michele Masson said “over the past 12 months the CARE group has proved a valuable resource for local charities with many issues being discussed.  One issue that is often raised is what support people can access when they have difficulties coping with day to day living through perhaps a disability or illness. 

People often need care at home which is a cost that many cannot afford. There are several exportable benefits that, if the criteria for applying is met, can still be received here in Spain such as Attendance Allowance.

There are companies and individuals who will offer (at a cost) to help with the completion of applications for benefits, particularly Attendance Allowance applications which can appear daunting.  Although these companies can legally charge for their service, charities via the CARE Group are anxious to remind everyone that if they need support completing the application, charities will help you completely FREE of charge. 

Volunteers throughout the area have a wealth of knowledge and work with social workers, have training sessions to keep up to date and are very happy to give their time to not only assist in the completion of the application form but also to suggest other means of valuable support, other than financial, that may be available.

Some people may also be able to apply for help through the Spanish Ley de Dependencia (you need to be resident and on the padron). Your GP, Social Worker and town hall can help you. Again, charities can point you in the right direction because we work alongside social workers day after day and this is also FREE of any charge.

Being chronically ill or disabled wherever you are in the world, can be scary, particularly when you are living in a country and you don’t even speak the language. Charities, social services and in some cases your town hall will be able to help to direct you to support that can often make a significant difference in your life, personal alarms for example come to mind. Life is all about choices – the important thing is to know that you have them”.

If you would like information on any of the above, please email Michele at or call 966 723 733 or contact charities in the Vega Baja area direct.









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