Benejúzar arrest following nationwide ticket scam

Benejúzar arrest following nationwide ticket scam
Benejúzar arrest following nationwide ticket scam

The Civil Guard has arrested a 33 year old Spanish man for 14 alleged crimes of fraud committed across the whole of Spain. It is estimated that he sold over 5000 euros worth of tickets for major events including football matches, motorcycling world championships and concerts, all of them fictitious, for which he would take the money in advance.

The Almoradí Guardia Civil received several complaints from people who claimed that they had been cheated by the same man. He would advertise the events online and when individuals made contact he would take payment for their tickets by transfer or by a mobile app, promising to send the tickets to their homes by post. However the clients would never receive the tickets because they did not exist, as the images and posters he used had been created to advertise fictional events.

The prices of the tickets ranged from 20 to 140 euros, depending on whether it was just a deposit or the full payment.

When customers subsequently complained about not having received the tickets, he then asked for a second payment of 40 euros using the excuse that the postage costs had been more expensive than expected. The client would inevitably pay again.

At this point the relationship with the scammer ended as, satisfied that he had his money, he would then block his customers telephones so they could no longer reach him to complain.

When agents from the Almoradí Research Area began to contact the social media platforms such as facebook and in whatsapp groups that he had created they found that one of the groups included his name.

They were eventually able to track him down to Benejúzar where they effected an arrest. Although it is thought that about 23 people were affected by the scam only 14 have filed a complaint, however new allegations following the arrest are not ruled out. The detainee was subsequently released having been charged.




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