Nine municipalities in the province of Alicante will receive a total of around 37 million euros from the Financing Fund of the Government Central Executive. The information was released on Sunday by the Government Delegation in the Valencian Community.

The spokesperson said that in the whole of the autonomous territory there are 19 municipalities that will benefit. Along with the nine in Alicante, there are nine from Valencia and one from Castellón, sharing a total of more than 68.8 million euros.

He said that the objective of this fund is to help local councils that are suffering with financial risks or councils that are struggling to pay back loans in the light of court rulings.

The Government delegate, Juan Carlos Moragues, underlined “the importance of this measure, since with the money allocated, financial burdens will be removed and treasury tensions are reduced so that each municipality will have more liquidity to deal with their suppliers and social commitments.”

The municipality that will receive the majority of funding in the province and throughout the Valencian Community is Denia, which is granted about half of that allocated in the province of Alicante, 18.2 million euros. However, the region where most localities will benefit is the Vega Baja, with 5.1 million euros for Bigastro, 2,8 million for Cox , 150k for Daya Vieja and 116k for Daya Nueva.

In the Vinalopó Medio, 3.6 million euros is allocated to Novelda and 644k to Monóvar. Meanwhile, in the Marina Baixa region La Nucia will receive a grant of 6,2 million euros.