Why Do You Need iTunes Portable for Your Windows System?

Why Do You Need iTunes Portable for Your Windows System?
Why Do You Need iTunes Portable for Your Windows System?

You’ve probably already known or at least heard something about iTunes media player. But iTunes is not just a regular media player.

When the program appeared on the market, it literally changed the entire music industry. From the very beginning, iTunes was and continues to be much more than a simple program to listen to music and open the files on your smartphone or laptop. It is a versatile program, which is connected to the Internet. It is a whole library, which can hold and download music files or whole albums directly to your device. Today, a lot of people get iTunes portable download file on their computers, even if they don’t have any device from Apple, for which this program was made for initially. Why? It is convenient as it provides a wider spectre of functions than any other popular media player does. By the way, it perfectly runs with any Windows system, especially if it is a Windows 10 version.

So, let’s have a closer look how to get iTunes Portable download files installed on your Windows system too. Don’t worry, there won’t be any problems with uploading iTunes Portable free download files from the Internet. Just google it and get the program from a reliable source. So, let’s get started.

How to Install and Run iTunes on Windows Systems

As we have already mentioned above, the installation of iTunes Portable latest download is quite an easy and fast process. We’re going to consider installation of iTunes on Windows 10 as it is the most common variation among users.

  • First of all, go to the Internet and find a website to download the files. Check the requirements of the operating systems, find your OS, and download the program depending on this information.
  • Open up the iTunes installation window. Click on «Next». Take the default options provided by the program itself and click on «Install» button. You may get a message from Windows security asking you to allow the program to install it on your computer. Click on «Yes». Go ahead and continue installing iTunes. This may take a while. So, be ready to wait for a couple of minutes. Once the installation process is finished, you get a message asking you to allow iTunes to open up once you click on the «Finish» button.
  • The last step in the installation process is to confirm the Apple agreement. So, read and agree to the information provided in a new window after you click on «Finish».

Now, you can open up the program on your computer and download or listen to music online.

Why Get iTunes Portable on Your Device?
Why Get iTunes Portable on Your Device?

The one reason why iTunes is better than any other media player is the number of options you get. It allows you to create your own albums depending on your music preferences, artists, songs, albums, the period of time when the song was released and much more. If you upload different tracks from one album in different periods of time, iTunes automatically compares them and combines in one album if they match. You don’t have to collect every song and album manually. The program will do it for you.

Also, iTunes analyzes your music tastes and shows you recently played songs and the most often played songs. It can divide all your tracks by genre and latest uploads. You can also download podcasts and audiobooks, listening to them directly from the program.

So, if you have never tried iTunes for music, book, or podcast performance, we highly recommend doing it right now.


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