A haven for contemplation

A haven for contemplation
A haven for contemplation

President, Maureen Payne, led a team of representatives from Age Concern on Sunday 4th February at the inauguration of a Memorial Garden at San Fulgencio.

The concept and organisation for this  quiet, shady  area was the brainchild of Debbie Alger after the devastating terrorist attack in Manchester last year.  From evil, comes goodness.  She achieved her dream of having a place for the bereaved to rest awhile with their thoughts of lost loved ones.  

Debbie asked for help in building a wall of remembrance, where plaques can be placed, and received a huge response from local builders, gardeners, tilers and businesses who gave their time and services freely.  Donations flooded in from locals and Age Concern willingly donated a bench ideal for resting in peaceful contemplation and solace.

The Memorial Garden  was blessed by the priest of San Fulgencio and representatives Paulino and Samantha Hull from the local council were present along with Sara Munsterhjelm, Vice Consul from Alicante.

The ceremony ended with a personal tribute by Debbie Alger, to her late father Wilf, by releasing five white balloons which, in the stillness of the morning, floated on high.  A very moving sight as Debbie was surrounded by her family in this beautiful garden.


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