Orihuela Costa Beaches in need of further investment

Orihuela Costa Beaches in need of further investment
Orihuela Costa Beaches in need of further investment

The Beach Satisfaction Report 2017, recently carried out by the Orihuela council, shows an improvement in the overall assessment of the beaches, based on the responses obtained from the members of the public.

But there is still no room for complacency as there were still many areas in which the survey indicated a great deal of dissatisfaction.

Almost everyone surveyed made suggestions that would improve the Costa’s beaches including the removal of algae (23%), more litter bins (23%), more and better footbaths (11%), better cleaning of the sand (11%), more and better toilets (5%), more and better walkways (4%), improvement of access for people with reduced mobility and adapted bathing areas (4%).

Having carefully studied the results the FAOC (the Federación de Asociaciones de Orihuela Costa-Alicante), has written to the Mayor and the Councillor for Beaches requesting that the 2018 Budgets include the necessary resources to meet these needs, previously detailed in a report published in September 2016, but still outstanding.

This proposal also included the modification of La Caleta (Cabo Roig) as a winter beach together with the improvement of its access stairs, as well as the addition of handrails and railings, to avoid the current dangers resulting from the steep incline.

They also request similar improvements to the walkways leading to the beach at Cala Capitán.


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