Tragedy of decomposing bodies found in San Javier

The funeral services move one of the bodies before the eyes of the civil guards
The funeral services move one of the bodies before the eyes of the civil guards

The bodies of 43-year old Joaquin and his 52-year old sister were found dead on Tuesday, in their family home in the La Paz neighbourhood of San Javier, after a neighbour, alerted by the prolonged absence of the pair, and by the foul smelling odours coming from the house, notified the Local Police.

The sister, who suffered from downs syndrome, was dependent on her brother who very rarely left the house, so it was not unusual for the pair to remain indoors for days at a time.  Indeed Joaquin worked on his computer from home so he only occasionally left the house for food.

However, the unusual smell gave an indication that something was badly wrong so the neighbour, a retired civil guard officer, decided to call the Local Police, who immediately attended the property gaining access through the courtyard at the rear of the property.

On entering the accommodation they found two bodies, both said to be in an advanced state of decomposition. The pair are thought to have been dead for over a month. The woman was sitting upright on a sofa and the man, 43, was lying on his bed.

Joaquin had been caring for his sister since the death of their mother last summer.  Neither body showed any signs of violence. There was an inordinate amount of waste scattered about the house with one source suggesting that the man had been suffering from depression.

The neighbours are now mourning the tragic end of the siblings after their long run of problems, the illness of their mother, who was suffering from dementia, and her subsequent death, as well as Joaquin’s separation from his wife who left him without a trace.

They remember Joaquin as being in a depressed state, but he was always busy looking after his sister, whom neighbours say he bathed, dressed and fed like a daughter.

One theory is that the pair might well have been poisoned by carbon monoxide although until the results of the autopsies are known, the Judicial Police will not determine the causes of death, whether it was simply a tragic accident or whether their lives were ended by some other more sinister reason.




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