Chamber of Commerce demands that Costa Office be reopened

Chamber President, Mario Martínez in the centre
Chamber President, Mario Martínez in the centre

The Orihuela Chamber of Commerce have demanded from the mayor that the council reinstates their office on the Orihuela Costa.

Chamber President, Mario Martínez, held talks with the mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, during which he asked that the office, previously located in Playa Flamenca, but from which they were evicted, be made available once more, so that the Group can once again provide more meaningful support to Orihuela Costa businessmen and traders.

He added that the Chamber were thrown out of the office by the Ayuntamiento despite the fact that an agreement that was signed between the two organisations was still in force.

The Chamber maintain that they currently have sufficient trained staff to restart the office which they can do immediately they have premises.

Over 30% of all businesses and entrepreneurs are located on the coast and it is important that they are able to call on the support of the Chamber of Commerce without the need for an unnecessary trek into Orihuela City.


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