Callosa to move Cross of the Fallen in December

The cross of the fallen

The Callosa town council have said that they intend to move the Cross of the Fallen from the Plaza de España before the end of the year.

The mayor, Fran Maciá, has confirmed that the intention of the government team isto move the monument in December in order to comply with the motion approved in the plenary of March 2016 and with the provisions of the Law of Historical Memory.

The decision follows the ruling from the Contentious-Administrative Court of Elche which rejected the appeal filed by the Partido Popular in which they sought to challenge the Plenary agreement made in council.

The judgement, against which there is no appeal, dismisses the petition of the PP and also orders them to pay 400 euros in legal costs.

The mayor has said that he now wants the people of the town to respect the decision and allow the withdrawal of the Cross of the Fallen.

In December 2016 the Consistory tried to move the monument to another site but a local pressure group prevented it.


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