‘SOTP’ in the name of the law


You might have noted a repainted STOP sign that has recently appeared in C/Terremoto, at its junction with C/La Loma in Torrevieja which has brought a smile to the faces of local residents and embarrassment to the City Council who say that they have noted the incident but not yet indicated when it is likely to be corrected.

What is all the fuss about? Well, when the asphalt was repainted last Friday, the command ‘STOP’ was transcribed to ‘SOTP’.

It is not yet clear whether the error was made by a contracted company, municipal workers, or an employment workshop, but it has already become one of the most photographed sites in Torrevieja, competing as a local landmark on equal terms with Bella Lola.

It seems that the municipal authorities have been under fire from residents to have the junction repainted for a number of months.  I bet that it doesn’t take half as long to get the team back to make the correction as it took originally to get the road marking painted.


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