Xbox One X Project Scorpian
Project Scorpion - Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is a BEAST. With enough raw power to fuel a submarine and enough strength to pull an elephant. The console codenamed Project Scorpian is a Titan, and will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the best consoles ever made.

(*Prices at time of writing + Links to Purchase) | UK Price £449.99 | US Price $499.99 | EU Price €499 |

It’s here, truly beautiful, destructive and all-embracing true 4K gaming experience. Microsofts Xbox line struggled to compete with Sony in the console game. The PS4 truly walked over the original Xbox one. It out gamed it, outplayed it and was the king…. For the time being. Next came the Xbox One Slim. Smaller, slimmer and some people would say faster. It would definitely beat the PS4 in a beauty contest.

But gaming is never about beauty. It’s a game of strength, fluidity, graphics and, you guessed it, power. Sony knows this well and decided to launch the PS4 pro. The PS4 pro whilst being good is not great. Its 4K is true but a substantial amount of downscaling is present. However, if you’re in a tight spot and can’t fork out for the full Xbox Project Scorpion (Xbox One X) then it’s a solid buy. Only costing you around £350.

Want to check it out? I got you!

(*Prices at time of writing + Links to Purchase) | UK Price £349.99 | US Price $398.60 | EU Price €399.90 |

So we’ve established the PS4 Pro isn’t a bad option. Its still killer and much more powerful than its younger brother the PS4, which by the way still rocks.

Back to the Xbox One X. Its design is what you would expect. That is to say, they went with the same design as the Xbox One Slim, which isn’t a bad thing, as that was a good looking console. The Xbox One X packs a ton more power than the normal Xbox one. Or to be honest any other console. How much more powerful is it you ask? A lot, when talking about graphical performance (GPU, TFlops, Teraflops). It is a whopping 5X more powerful in its graphical capabilities than the Xbox One, 3.5X more powerful than the PS4 and the biggest wow, it’s just over 1.5X more powerful than the PS4 Pro. Now that’s some kickass stats.

The Xbox One X has the same port layout as the Slim, so there’s no need to change things around. All it takes is a swap and your back to gaming.

When it comes to raw performance under the hood The Scorpion has it covered. The Xbox One Slim boasted an 8 core Jaguar 1.7GHz processor, the X, however, boasts new clock speeds of 2.3GHz on the same cores. It has a MAD RAM arrangement, with a massive 12GB of GDDR5 ram, it massively outpowers its predecessor, who only clocked in at 8GB or GDDR3.

Now all this extra horsepower does make the console run hotter, however, to combat that, Microsoft has decked out the Xbox One X, with a ‘hot’ new cooling arrangement. This means even with all the new specs and more demanding components. The X still manages to keep itself at a comfortable and safe 65C.

Now, not all the Xbox games were built for 4K. So just running a game through the X will not result in a 4K game. However, quite a few of the new games have support for the new true 4K gaming experience. And one of the best is the highly anticipated Forza 7.

All in all, it is an amazing console. Yes, it is pricey but for what you get, that big number is understandable. It is a true 4K monster.

The best bits are. It has support for a lot of Xbox 360 titles (you haven’t got rid of them yet have you?), and also is capable of in general upscaling them so they look a lot better.

So what do you think? Tell us your opinions down below, we would love to hear them.

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