Ryanair told to pay compensation for missed concert

RAF jets scrambled after 'bomb' note found in Ryanair plane toilet
RAF jets scrambled after 'bomb' note found in Ryanair plane toilet

Ryanair has been ordered to compensate a couple from Vigo who booked a return flight to Barcelona on 26 and 27 November 2016 to attend a concert with the British group The Cure.

The Cure in Barcelona

Whilst the flight did take off the aircraft was delayed so, knowing that they weren’t going to arrive in time for the concert, the pair decided not to travel.

As such, Ryanair argued that there was no need to pay any compensation to the two passengers, since it was they who voluntarily decided not to fly.

However, the head of the Mercantile Court 3, based in Vigo, disagreed with the airline in estimating the loss of the couple at 623 euros which he instructed Ryanair to pay. They were also told to pay the costs and other reasonable expenses of the couple.

The judge said that he considered the moral damage proven, “obviously there have been emotional damages and frustration to the couple in their not being able to attend the concert. When they booked their tickets they assumed that the transfer to Barcelona would be made at a time convenient to their interests.”


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