Types of Gamification at Online Casinos

Types of Gamification at Online Casinos
Types of Gamification at Online Casinos

Most of the online casinos and mobile casino games will offer you a variety of slots and on top of that will give you major other reasons to be a regular visitor. These could include bonus points, free spins and some techniques through which casinos make their players stick to them. These come under the head of Gamification. Every online casino has their own tips and tricks for ‘gamification’. This article tells you about the ways that are undertaken by the casinos to keep the players engaged and motivated for the site. These often include free treats too. Some of the other ways are-

Loyalty Points in Mobile casino games-

Casinos, to make sure that you keep visiting them, would offer loyalty points. The more time you spend playing at a casino website such as Monster casino, the more bonuses and loyalty points you are likely to get. These loyalty points can be diverse ranging from free spins to cashback bonuses or even VIP treatment. And well, who doesn’t love VIP treatment?

Monster Casino, for example, offers a £5 joining bonus and further loyalty points on frequent visits to the website (www.monstercasino.co.uk).


This is a vastly used way of gamification undertaken by mobile casino games and other games. The idea is easy and widely adopted. The points can be gained very easily. The more points you score, the more up you go in the leaderboard. Some mobile casino games also provide the top scorers on the leaderboards with additional benefits and bonuses. This initiates better gameplay and more time spent on the casino website.

Goals and Missions within games-

The idea has been termed as highly creative. Because if there is a set goal or mission in the game, boredom will not kick in. This will keep motivating the player to keep playing and hence, more time is spent on the game. On completion of the mission, the game provider gives treats, free spins and bonuses.

These are just a few ways that mobile casino games turn to when it is about gamification. There are several others. The general idea is that these ways act as motivators and build brand loyalty amongst the users. So, it is in the best interest of the Casino operators. Still, the topic is open to debates and it is a long way before we bring in the final verdict.

A term, “gamblification” has also come up which is the intersection of gamification and gambling. The gamblers are lured into mobile casino games by these tips and tricks of gamification. The chips in the online games are to be bought out of real money but there are very few casinos who reimburse the unused amount. The online casinos make sure that the money that has once come in can be exchanged for in-app purchases and gifts only.


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