Torre Pacheco plaza celebrates 150th anniversary

The mayor and part of the organizing team

Purchased by auction in 1867 the Torre Pacheco Plaza is celebrating 150 years of history starting with a number of events commemorating the occasion on Municipality Day, this coming Sunday, September 17th.

They will begin with a talk and photographic exhibition which will show the square how it was over 50 years ago and continue with the public presentation of a collection of works by Manuel Frutos Llamazares, which are being donated by his family for the enjoyment of all residents.

The celebrations will culminate the morning of December 21, with the installation of a time capsule in the square, whose forecast which will be re-opened in 50 years’ time to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

In announcing the activities the mayor said how the square continued to be such a valuable location in the town having witnessed many of the main social and political changes, culture, art, music, parties and the life of a whole town.


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