Human skeleton found buried on Alicante beach

Firefighters digging up the remains

The National Police is investigating human skeletal remains that were found on El Saladar-Urbanova beach in Alicante on Saturday, just 300 meters from the site of another skeleton find in January. The find was made by a man who was out taking an afternoon stroll with his dog.

According to police sources there appears to be no link between Saturday afternoon’s find and the skeleton found 8 months ago, although at this stage there is no indication of either the age of the skeleton, the cause of death or its identity.

Coincidentally the discovery was made by the same man who made the earlier find. He said that he was out walking his dog at about 2.30pm when he noticed what appeared to be skeletal remains protruding from the ground. After his previous experience he didn’t hesitate to call the National Police.

The National Police quickly verified what seemed to be a corpse buried in a rocky area, about 30 metres from the shore. They advised the Judicial Police and the forensic authorities. It was also necessary to obtain the help of firefighters who helped to out the remains which were buried under some very large rocks.

What the police recovered was a practically complete skeleton, although it was said to be in an advanced state of deterioration, which was approximately a metre and a half in length, leading the authorities to theorise that it could well be a child.

The remains were transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine who will try to determine the cause of death and the identity of the remains, as well as any other data that may shed light on the find.

According to the preliminary analysis the remains are thought to be about 20 years old.

The National Police have dismissed any relationship with the January discovery which has failed to identify the remains, now thought to over 100 years old, and without any traces of any DNA.