Speech Therapist sought for Joe The Cat Man

Joe's Retirement at Portico Mar

Many of you will remember Joe The Cat Man either from the charity shop he used to run in Quesada, or because he helped you in some way regarding cats, domestic or feral.

Joe is now 90 years and profoundly deaf which really impacts his enjoyment of life, apart from the deafness he is reasonably fit and well.  He is about to be assessed for a cochlea implant and if he is able to have one successfully fitted it will make a huge difference to his life – not to mention his partner Rose’s! 

The surgeon has told him that if the operation goes ahead he will need a speech therapist to help him to interpret the sounds he will hear with the implant.  Of course, the Spanish health Service can only provide Spanish Speech Therapists so we are on the hunt for someone who works in this field and can give Speech Therapy in English. 

Please, if you are or know of such a therapist please call Rose on 966719272 or 966717905 – please leave a message with your phone number if there is no reply, or e-mail on rojo.cats @yahoo.co.uk.


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