Lifeguards simulate rescue on Mojácar Beach

Osaïa Reding, Junior World Kitesurfing Champion, was ‘saved’ this weekend by Mojácar’s lifeguards in a simulated rescue

Osaïa Reding, Junior World Kitesurfing Champion, was ‘saved’ this weekend by Mojácar’s lifeguards in a simulated rescue, the first one in a series planned throughout the summer for the town’s beaches.

Mojácar Council and EBONE, the contracted organisation for beach rescue services, are carrying out these practical exercises so that the lifeguards’ skills can be evaluated and to make sure they are kept ready for action.

In this first simulation, both EBONE and the Council were very pleased with the lifeguards speed and efficiency, which are so vital in the event of any real emergency. The Mojácar team wanted Osaïa to play a major part in this first role play as a small tribute for her recent success on becoming World Champion.

As usual, she was full of fun and played the ‘model victim’, saying that “although it was very difficult for me to drown, it was still very amusing”. From the moment they could see she was ‘in trouble’, two rescue workers immediately rescued her from the water and in 5 minutes she was on land being resuscitated. 

From being spotted by the guard in the watch tower, anyone in difficulty can be pulled from the water, receive treatment and be carried onto the ambulance in barely 10 minutes, whilst immediate contact is made with local police, so that they can ensure a rapid transfer whatever the traffic conditions.

Junior Lifeguard is another activity co-ordinated by Mojácar Council and EBONE throughout the summer, with the aim of making beach goers aware of the need to follow the guards’ instructions and to respect the different coloured flags that show the sea’s level of safety for bathing.  These free educational, yet fun, workshops are for children and their parents, which cover basic first aid and CPR as well as how to make first contact by using the emergency 112 telephone number.

The next sessions are planned for the 5th,12th,19th and 26th August (Saturdays) from 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. on various Mojácar beaches, with the first taking place opposite the Hotel Indalo, next to the snack bar Camino del Sol.