Colegio Gloria Fuertes de San Miguel de Salinas

San Miguel council have said that the decision not to install air-conditioning into the infant/junior school, Colegio Gloria Fuertes de San Miguel de Salinas is ridiculous and it must be urgently reconsidered.

In a statement to the local media the councillor for education, Maria Jose Costa, called the decision not to fit air conditioning units into the nursery and primary classrooms as “erroneous and arbitrary.”

She said that she deplored the “unjustified refusal” of the Territorial Directorate of Education, which was undoubtedly made from an air-conditioned office, especially as she was told that the request raised by the School Board would be treated sympathetically. The councillor questioned “why, having processed all the documentation requested by the Department the children have been denied.”

Costa said that the request was an absolute necessity since “during the months of September, October, May and June there are unacceptably high temperatures in the classrooms.”. She said that in other similar facilities the installation of aircon has been authorised so why the Conselleria refusing the application from San Miguel.

In responding the refusal the councillor demanded that the conselleria reconsider their decision which she said was “erroneous, arbitrary and unmotivated” and not in the best interests of either the children or the staff.


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