Photo: Silver category winners.

Thanks to our 9am tee time we were able to get all 7 groups off the first tee and back into the clubhouse before the heat of the day arrived. Yes it was hot and indeed we did have some very hot scores yet again, notably School Teacher Derek Sullivan, who for the last several months has been asking if he needs to prepare a speech while receiving the winner’s prize until now it wasn’t necessary but today was his day and won the Silver category with 41 points however the Secretary didn’t give him the opportunity to speak, everyone wanted to go home early!

Another incident that springs to mind is that of my good friend Vernon (pink ball) Brown, after a very good front 9 Vernon struggled a little on the back 9 using up almost all of the lucky breaks that come your way in this game. He did manage to save the best until last, the 18th at La Marquesa is a very long par 5 that runs alongside of the road, well after pulling his tee shot left (into the cabbage) he then proceeded to push his 2nd to the right and after negotiating a few cars and taking a ricochet off one of those big green basura bins he played his 3rd from the centre of the fairway (no justice) but a par wasn’t to be and Vernon had to settle for a bogey 6.

Never mind Vernon you can practise all you like during your summer recess back in blighty, see you in September. Results, N.T.P.’s only one player managed to keep his ball on any of the greens well done Kenny “Isaac” Hunter, hole 15. It would appear that the 2’s pot of €24 wasn’t worth winning so it will be rolled over to Alicante Golf next week where there are at least 6 opportunities!

Bronze category: 3rd S. Twentyman 26pts. L/H, 2nd O. Haubner 31 pts, 1st M. Mhyrvold 34 pts. Silver category: 3rd L. Jorung 30 pts. 2nd J. Hillier 31 pts. 1st D. Sullivan  41 pts. Gold category: V. Brown 34 pts. 2nd S. Hill 37 pts. 1st C. Landaas 39 pts. 

Important dates. 9/8/17 Anniversary Competition La Marquesa and our 1st visit to Bonalba on the 16/8/17.

Full information can be found at www.tmgs.org or Facebook/TMGSGOLF, @TMGSGOLF finally call the Secretary on 661 524 101


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