Even the councillors seem to be lending a hand

The Councilor for Health, Noelia Grao, spoke recently of the latest actions carried being out by the Orihuela Council to control and prevent possible pests, insects and rodents in the municipality, through the application of appropriate treatment and analysis to reduce their spread and their population.

The company carrying out the tasks is Lokimica which is currently operating in a number of municipal buildings and schools as well as around the villages, however, during the warmer summer months she said that they will be concentrating their efforts on the Orihuela Costa.

She said that anyone who has a specific incident or who might want to use the service can contact the City Council through the Department of Health, 965 30 5983, as well as by using the App “Orihuela in your hand.”

Lidia Nájar, a representative of the company, stressed the importance of residents ensuring good housekeeping, stating that the most common species are cockroaches and rodents.

To ensure maximum efficiency the teams will be concentrating on the Orihuela Costa, where there are likely to be a greater number of infestations due to the large number of empty houses during the winter. Officers will also be carrying out specific works in the old town of Orihuela.

Grao has said that the pest control officers will have completed their first cycle within the next few weeks but they will then start again with a second phase.

The Department of Health has already completed action in Correntías Altas y Baixas, Desamparados, Torremendo, San Bartolomé, La Campaneta, Molins, Raiguero de Bonanza, La Matanza, La Murada, La Aparecida, Raiguero de Levante, Hurchillo and Arneva, with works now focused on the Orihuela Costa and in the city centre.