On Thursday 8th June 69 players took part in Debbie Weedons Captains day.

There were prizes on every hole but the overall winner with 36 points was Robin Richards on c/b.2ndDavid Gregson 36 c/b 3rd Pino Perito 36 c/b 4th Bob Shorley 35 5th Ian Turner 34 c/b 6th Fred Reeve 34 c/b 7th David Blanchette 34 c/b 8th John Kirkwood 34 c/b 9th Monique Reeve 34 c/b10th George McCallum 34 c/b Best front 9 John Hill 18 Best back 9 Pete Cleaver 20 NTPs 5th Ian Pegg 11th Morag Turner 15th Pete Gartside 17th Preston Ives Football draw Bev Evans George McCallum Ken Brett and Ken Enever x 2

After the presentation a buffet was laid on in the Clubhouse provided by the Captain. Also the Captain was delighted to present a cheque for €2401 to Lourdes Lopez the councillor for social services for the Rojales Townhall.


On Tuesday 6th June Toffs played their normal stableford competition and the results were Cat 1 (0-16) 1st Colin Daye-Gretton 42 2nd David Gregson 38  3rd  Paul Manning 34 Cat 2 (17-22) 1st David Blanchette 36  2nd Steve Sayers 35 c/b  3rd  Bob Shorley 35 c/b Cat 3 (22-25) 1st John Holland 36 2nd Bruce Gordon 33 c/b  3rd Ed Sylvester 33 c/b Cat 4 (26+) 1st 1st Lauraine Walker 34 2nd Chris Stanley 33 3rd Kevin Bonser 32 Overall Toffs winner Colin Daye-Gretton Best front 9 Ian Pegg 19  Best back 9 Ken Enever 18 NTPs 5th Ian Pegg 11th D. Johnson 12th in 2  Colin Daye-Gretton 15th David Gregson 17th Franco Gentili  Football Marylin Eckersall Caryn Vd Krus John Holland Brian Jones and Dave Nicholls.

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