Photo, Silver category winners.

Eventually 29 members and guests made what should have been a 1 hour journey, for a few it proved to be more of a contest to find the course than to play it! Several members arrived late indicating that it took them 2 hours to find it.

Mick Kennedy and his ever present golfing partner John Hettrick apparently missed several turns and eventually found themselves in CARTAGENA! They decided to recompose themselves over a spot of breakfast before eventually making their way to the course. With the first battle completed, the 2nd was about to begin and proved just as much of a challenge if not more.

The N.T.P. winning photo is a little light as only one player managed to hit any of the greens, well they are all 180m or more and with the ever present wind of approximately 25 km per hour it was not surprising. The other added obstacle was the greens, having been hollow tinned just a few weeks ago they still hadn’t fully recovered although there were quite fast.

Results; N.T.P. Competition, hole 8 J. Eyre. Best guest was Mr. Landsvik with 33 points. Bronze category, 3rd J. Hillier 25 pts. 2nd P. Sabine 26 pts. 1st P. O’Dowd 28 pts. Silver category; 3rd M. Kennedy 32 pts. H/H 2nd D. Sullivan 32 pts. 1st A. Kilnes 36 pts. Gold category; 3rd V. Brown 30 pts. 2nd J. Eyre 32 pts. 1st G. Gooch 34 pts. 

If you would like to join us on any of our Competition days and enjoy every reasonable green fees full information can be found at Facebook/TMGSGOLF or call the secretary on 661 524 101


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