Oliva Nova

On Friday 12th May Montgo Golf Society played a singles stableford competition at Oliva Nova kindly sponsored by Colin foster. 

We enjoyed perfect weather on a near perfect course.  The fairways are possibly the best we have seen, lush and green, giving some of us a few extra meters on our shots as the ball just kept rolling along. 

Taking first place this week was Ian Bonser with 36 points off of 19.6. The ladies did well this week with Sue Burman winning second with 35 points off of 18.9.  Taking third prize was Celia Cronin with 34 points off of 14.7.

We had one nearest the pin prize on the 16th claimed by Sue Burman who had a great days golf.  With two bottles to take home we hope her evening was equally as enjoyable.

The two nearest the pins in two shots were won by Alan Skinner on the 5th and Stella Fox on the 18th.

Continuing the ‘twos’ theme Celia Cronin and Ian Bonser both took home a coveted Montgo ball for their twos.

Back at the club house over tapas, Jan Jones hopefully enquired as to whether anyone had found her misplaced putter head cover.  She was gladdened to hear Alan Skinner reply in the affirmative only to have her hopes dashed when he admitted he’d dropped it again.  He explained he’d hit such a cracking shot up the 18th he rushed to see where it finished and the head cover ‘escaped’. He did undertake a search for it but to no avail.  Still…it gave me something to write about.

Our next game at Oliva Nova will be the Oliva Nova Cup on 26th May.  You can book in for this now on the website as there is no game this Friday.


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