38 members and 6 guests turned out at Roda for this week’s Stableford competition where calm and sunny conditions greeted us for the first tee-off just before 10 o’clock – that’s just when this “Jeckyll & Hyde” course lulls you into a false sense of security.

Often what starts off as a balmy, sunny day can swiftly change as the “Roda wind” gets up and shows the teeth of this course. It happened for our 4-ball, as one of the later ones to tee off, just as we started the second nine when the fairways were littered with head-gear while most of the balls were in the rough – or worse still, in the water!

The day’s results were:

Nearest the pins – Eva Pettersson (2). Bjorn Pettersson (7). Matt Newman (11) and Andy Imrie (13.

Best Guests – 2nd Frank Stanhope (28) and 1st Gerald Harwood (30).

BRONZE – 5th John Sorensen (23). 4th Norman McBride (24). 3rd Grattan Forber (26). 2nd Brian Butler (29). 1st Mick Roscoe (34).

SILVER – 5th Noel Connellan (26). 4th Alan MacDonald (30). 3rd Ken Flaherty (33). 2nd Hugh Reilly (37). 1st Norman Cahill (38).

GOLD – 5th Andy Imrie (31). 4th Matt Newman (32). 3rd Tony Smale (33). 2nd Kenny Reddington (34). 1st Jamie Rorison (35).

The “Abacus” was awarded to Paul Cobain.

In the match-play doubles, it took Barry Roehrig & Kenny Reddington 20 holes to eventually beat Tony Smale & Nick Spicer. In the singles Bjorn Pettersson beat Kyree Skarsmoen 7/5.

Our thanks go to all the team at Roda for their help in making the day a success and if you wish to know more about the San Miguel Golf Society, please visit or telephone the Captain, Theo, on 694494824 to find out more about our weekly Wednesday meetings……next week we’re at La Serena.                                                                                                                 


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