Concert for 12 people organized by Town Hall in Orihuela Costa

C.L.A.R.O. has been campaigning for years for a centrally located Cultural Centre for Orihuela Costa.   It is a priority, just like the Emergency Services Centre which is an abandoned building 10 years after the foundation stone was laid.  

Without a proper cultural centre capable of seating at least 400 people, we will have no significant cultural life on the coast, no music, theatre or cinema and no room for associations to meet and pursue their leisure and social activities.   Without a cultural centre we get virtually nothing from the 1 million Euro annual cultural budget which provides lavish cultural activities the year round in Orihuela city.   

Days later the Councillor for Culture organised a concert in Orihuela

Like the budget in general the annual cultural budget is financed out of the 60% revenue coming from Orihuela Costa taxpayers.

The need for a Cultural Centre in Orihuela Costa was dramatically highlighted by the Town Hall’s attempt a week ago to arrange a concert in Playa Famenca with a musical tribute to the Orihuela born poet Miguel Hernandez.  

The so-called concert was held in the open air on a cold windy night.    There was no proper stage and no chairs for the audience.   It was badly publicised and only 12 people attended, principally the Co-ordinating Councillor for the Coast, her paid assistants and followers.

Days later the Councillor for Culture organised a concert in Orihuela for a nationally known singer with proper stage, lighting and effects.   The contrast could not be greater. 

Orihuela Costa is treated as the poor relation in culture while providing, from our taxes, the main part of Orihuela’s million euro a year cultural budget.



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