Some 40 members and guests made their way down the AP7 to Hacienda Riquelme, this is not a course that we visit often and this caused a little confusion at the check-in desk about who pays for what and where, Today’s check-in team of Alan Rickers and Sandra Twentyman soon got things organised and it wasn’t long before the 1st fourball made its way to the first tee.

Today’s competition was just a weekly Stableford so members could be a little more relaxed not having to think about the various annual competitions that we run. Results: N.T.P. Comp. hole 5 J. Eyre, Hole 7 J. Hettrick, Hole 17 H. Steele. 3 members shared the €33 contained in the “2’s” pot, J. Eyre D. Cranston and N. Spaniol. Best Visitor Mrs. C. Svenson 30 pts. Bronze Cat. 3rd R. Nilsen 27 pts. 2nd L. Jernberg 28 pts. 1st M. Myhrvold 30 pts. Silver cat. 3rd J. Hettrick 26 pts. 2nd S. Sonesen 31 pts. 1st O. Rong 32 pts. Gold Cat. 3rd B. Watson 30 pts. 2nd N. Spaniol 31 pts. 1st H. Steele 36 pts.

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