To celebrate Andalucia Day, Mojácar Town Council’s Department of Education and its leader, Ana García, collaborated with the Region’s Permanent Education Centres to host an event in the town where more than 300 students, teachers and councillors from the different participating municipalities gathered.

The meeting began with a guided tour of Mojácar by local tourist office staff, who explored the streets in various groups to learn at first hand, the history and the unique corners of the old town.

Afterwards, they met up in the Centro de Usos Múltiples, where they enjoyed an elaborate snack served by the Hospitality School’s volunteer students accompanied by some live music to entertain them.

This special Andalucia Day celebration was attended by the Almeria Delegate of Education, Francisca Fernández Ortega, and delegates from the Permanent Education Centres of Garrucha, Los Gallardos, Sorbas, Turre, Vera and Mojácar, as well as municipal representatives from all around the region.

The event was a complete success not only in terms of numbers attending and organization, which concluded with congratulations from all the attendees to both the Municipality and, the Mojácar Councillor for Education.

The Almeria Delegate of Education from the Andalucian Government also highlighted the good work of Ana García and thanked the Town Council for the hospitality and the planning of this festive day of coexistence.

For her part Ana García, gave thanks for the honour of Mojácar being chosen for this inaugural event and stressed the importance of learning for anyone at any age. She hoped also that the number of students and participating centres would be even higher at the next meeting.

All the attendees received the town’s emblem, an Indalo, from the Town Council as a souvenir and a memento of their visit.


  1. I think that events like this need to be held monthly or yearly in order for the people to see what power education has. For example, these events can be held in order to remind leaners of the newest methods of learning like service online. Thanks for this story and for the chance to see how education can mobilize the leaners’ abilities and skills. The importance of learning for any one at any age was stressed more than it was possible and I thank the organizers for that.


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