This week sees the debut of a brand new Duo to hit the Costa Blanca Music Scene.  It is refreshing to see a new act out there that has an impressive pedigree with their previous performances.

The Duo is called LUCID and the lead singer is the versatile Maisie who has a voice that is mature beyond her years.  Last season she was wowing audiences along the Coast with a single Acoustic act that has won her a large following wherever she plays.

Maisie has joined forces with Jac, a former Lead Guitarist with Snowblind. Jac is considered to be one of the best Guitarists on the Costas and has had tremendous success with the previous Bands he has played for.

So what will LUCID be doing.  They will be playing a variety of popular songs that are sure to be favourites of the new audiences they will attract.  Instruments to be used during the act will include acoustic guitar, lead guitar, the ukulele and the cajon!!!

So where will they hold their debut.  They will be at The Tavern, San Miguel playing on the big stage on Wednesday the 8th with a 9 o clock start.  This Band is definitely not one to miss.

Martin Bentley