In the media Carlos Ramírez states that he has the full support of his Party

The Partido Independiente Por Las Nacionalidedes (PIPN), has called to the Mayor of San Fulgencio, Carlos Ramírez of the PP Partido Popular, for his immediate resignation of all positions that he holds.

We have not asked for his resignation until now as a date for the trial had not been set. It is unacceptable that the Partido Popular at Provincial level isn’t willing to make a statement or act on this issue, when it has done in other municipalities for much less.

In the media Carlos Ramírez states that he has the full support of his Party, even in a radio interview he gave two days ago, when he already knew the date of his trial. We ask ourselves, when will they smack the table, say “enough” and do what they stated they would do with all PP politicians who are indicted in any legal case?

He continues to openly state that the Prosecutor “HAS BOUGHT” political arguments from the opposition and that he lies, lies and lies. What basis does he have to accuse the Prosecutor in this way?

Carlos Ramírez, be more careful when you talk and measure your words well before you accuse someone as important as a Prosecutor.

We already know that you are saying a barrage of stupid comments such as :

This is jealousy, the opposition who didn’t win at the elections wants to win in the courts etc etc. Remember that thanks to the support of the PIPN you were Mayor in the last legislature. This cost our Party dearly with the resignation of our President and Councillor Jeffrey Wiszniewski who had the honesty and dignity to resign for being accused in another pending court case. According to you the Provincial branch of the Partido Popular required a letter signed by Councillor Wiszniewski excusing you from any guilt. This he duly did under pressure and because of lies directed towards him.

We also ask for the resignation of Susana Ramirez Ortuño  (cousin of the Mayor), one of his deputies in the previous legislature and first Deputy Mayor in the current one, for having full knowledge and supporting the Mayor in all his decisions. For example, that Antonio Irles could not present himself on the list of candidates at the last elections due to incompatibility issues and after being warned by the regional department of the electoral board.

He still continued to do so. She has also supported every decision that the Mayor has taken in the Townhall. Our Party does not rule out that she may be involved in some of the issues still pending in the courts. Why would she not have voiced any concerns to her Party (PP)?

PIPN Press Release


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